Hanze University Sep. 2011 – Jul. 2015

I earned my Bachelor of Communication in 2015. During the first year I built a base in several topics, including webdesign and multimedia design & branding. After this first year, I majored in Game Design & Development, which allowed me to apply one of my passions (storytelling) to an interactive medium. Projects included both serious and entertainment games.

During the third year, I travelled abroad to China for an internship for Falafel Games, a company which builds Massive Multiplayer Online games (MMO’s) for the Arabian market. These five months in a foreign country, both far away from home and culturally unknown to me, were exciting and very challenging. Combined with the subsequent six months in New Zealand for a semester abroad, I learned a lot about intercultural communication and how to stand on my own two feet far from home.

During my last year, I wrote my thesis on the ‘Influence of Interactive Storytelling on the Emotional Affect of the player’, winning the school of Communication Thesis Award 2015.

Unitec Feb. 2014 – Aug. 2014

Studying at the technical university of Auckland, I passed classes on Computer Hardware Fundamentals, Sport Psychology and Maori culture. I enjoyed learning more about hardware, adding to my software-oriented background. Learning more about Sport Psychology has helped me become a better athlete and coach, having a greater understanding of the different types of motivation and recognising these in pupils, for example. I am also very glad I opted to learn more about the culture of the country I was staying at; again deepening my understanding of cultural differences that exist between people and how to respect them. Naturally, spending six months in an English-speaking country also helped me polish already existing English skills.