Pascal Dietvorst, PEGA Business Architect
I have had the pleasure of working with Annika in a Pega team for Rabobank Holland for some time now. In this time I’ve come to know her as a fast learner with a wide range of skills. Annika came to our team as a tester, but quickly switched to engineering when there was a need. She learned how to work with Pega remarkably fast and grew to be a CSSA after little more than a year. Meanwhile she also helped improve the test automation and system documentation. A valuable addition to each team. But, more importantly, an all-round great person. Hate to see her leave.


Leo de Blaauw, Lead Pega Architect
Annika came to the Pega team, under my responsibility as LSA, as a tester. Straight away it was obvious Annika was an enthousiastic team member and a quick learner into the Pega platform. Not long after she joined she went onto the role of Pega developer, since she had studied programming before, a natural fit for her competences. Annika has shown to be a quick and enthousiastic learner and became proficient in working stand-alone on Pega development tasks very quickly. Any Pega team would benefit from her eager learning skills and allready build up skills on the Pega platform in my view. Working with Annika has been a pleasure overall and we will miss her !


Maarten de Groot, Test Analist
In October 2016 I started together with Annika as a Young Professional at Ordina. Annika mostly stood out for her technical abilities in programming. The nice thing about her is that she is also able to explain it to someone who does not possess the same technical skills, either visually or verbally. From December 2017 onwards we were part of the same team that created software for the Rabobank. During the course of time I found Annika highly cooperative, while she is also someone whom is not shy to give her opinion.


John Wentink, TIBCO Consultant
Annika is an allround pleasant person to have on the team, an eager learner who likes to get things done. This getting things done mentality expresses itself in her ability to engage/involve any person required to get the task at hand resolved. Furthermore, her eagerness to learn relates to the solutions to be built and the context in which they’re supposed to function, not merely to learning the tools. Competent in Pega, she’ll undoubtably be not just building but also designing applications in the near future.


Martijn Lindeboom, Schrijfdocent & Taekwon-Do coach
Annika is a very talented and hardworking Taekwon-Doïn and she is one of my best students in Taekwon-Do school Sung Zang. Not only has she achieved third degree black belt (2017), she has also successfully taught a youth class (8-14 years, from white to blue belt) for several years. Her core qualities are perseverance, humor, inquisitiveness and loyalty. She’s always ready to help, she asks good and intelligent questions (and uses the answers to her advantage) and she’s a very bright and reliable person.

Writing / Communication Skills
Ever since I was quite young I have been able to express myself well, both in a creative writing as a more professional capacity. I have been writing stories since I was about 8 years old. My grasp of the English and Dutch language also aided in the writing of reports and other professional documents during my studies and later work life. Having worked in different fields and in different countries / cultures means being sensitive to interpersonal communicative styles as well.

Collaborative / Team Working
I am very sensitive to, and invested in creating a positive and engaging work environment wherever I am. I have experienced a negative, blame-ridden company and certainly didn’t thrive there. More recently I have been introduced to a very positive, collaborative & fun working environment and I feel like this has helped me advance swiftly as a professional. I do my best to contribute to this atmosphere myself too, and am always willing to answer (and ask) questions and participate in events.

It is in my nature to speak up during meetings, and stand for my team. I do not have a lot of professional leadership experience, but I have taught Taekwon-Do to both youths and adults for more than 5 years. It is a different type of leadership, however it has helped me to be confident in and before groups and, if needed, to take up tasks such as giving sprint demo’s and coördinating release delta’s.

As a certified senior software architect, I have an extensive knowledge of the PEGA software platform. This platform is built on Java, and follows a lot of the same Object-Oriented guidelines. Working with Pega has helped me gain a deeper understanding of many software fields, for example REST Api’s, SQL connectors, OTAP environments and CD/CI pipelines.

Agile / SCRUM
During my time at University I was first introduced to the Agile SCRUM methodology, and have further developed in this area during my professional years. This culminated into earning both an Agile Foundation and SCRUM Master certification.

Quality Assurance
My experience as a tester, and the courses and certifications I hold towards that role, mean that as a developer I am very aware of Quality Assurance. Unit tests are second nature to me, and in my role at Rabobank I have assisted with automated functional testing through Jenkins.

Programming languages
Other programming languages I have worked with include C#, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS and HTML.