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This portfolio has not yet been updated with my newest works. We are currently actively updating this website. Please check back for updates. We apologise for the inconvenience.

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Sibling Saga

During the first half of my last year studying Game Design & Development, I worked on a solo project named ‘Sibling Saga’. We were given free reign in a project we wanted to set up during two rounds of the “Expert Track”, and I chose to combine game design and writing, one of my passions. I looked into how a game can support telling a story, rather than having a story support a game. I also practised with drawing storyboards, designing cutscenes for the game design I created.

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Adamant LogoOn the 4th of July, I had the launch party of the biggest project of my second year of Bachelor degree. During ten weeks, we developed a fully functional game with three levels. My role was Project Lead, and I had eleven young men working with me. I am very proud of our accomplishment, and I have learned tremendously from the experience – mostly about leadership and project management, fields I am very passionate about expanding. The game can be downloaded below and was developed using the Unity engine in the C# programming language. For the 3D models 3ds Studio Max was used.

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“De Ontdekker” test

On behalf of the Dutch gaming company ComPlay and Visio I tested the Dutch game “De Ontdekker” (The Discoverer). It is a game designed for blind or almost blind children, aged 7-12. It is played on the Wii and uses a Balance Board and the WiiMote.

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Dungeon Crawler

Suspended corpseAs a part of my major Game Design & Development I’ve worked on the game Dungeon Crawler. It was a solo project and we were given almost complete freedom in deciding what we wanted to make. It had to be made in Unity and use the C# language. We were allowed to grab most 3D models off of the internet, which I did due to lack of time (we had around three weeks for the entire project). I made several assets myself.

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Tunnel Tumbler

Gameplay screenshotAs a part of my major Game Design & Development I’ve worked on the game Tunnel Tumbler. We were asked by a collective of physical therapists to create a demo of a game designed to help people with knee injuries rehabilitate faster and with more enjoyment. The game needed to use a wobbleboard, which is a tool used by physical therapists for rehabilitation for a lot of injuries.
This was a fun project, in which I was able to pour a lot of my enthusiasm for concepting.

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