BeltsI’ve been practicing the martial art of Taekwon-do since 2007. I earned my black belt in 2013, ranking up to a second degree black belt in 2015. Although not directly related to my chosen profession, Taekwon-do is very much a large part of my life and has shaped me into the person I am today.

From when I was in my mid teens, Taekwon-do offered me a way of life that suited me, one of respect, discipline and camaraderie. Starting out as a white belt and working my way up has taught me how to set goals and then strive for them. Achieving these goals has taught me that if you persevere, not even a black belt is unachievable.

At my Taekwon-do club I teach my own class and often assist or lead that of my coaches. However, when you are one of the highest ranking members of the club, you never stop teaching. Even when you’re being taught yourself, there is always room to help out other students who are lower ranked than yourself. My role as a teacher sometimes takes the form of mentoring, especially with the younger members at the club. My coaching skills have prompted the owner of my club, and member of the international committee for technical training, to offer me a subsidiary branch in which to teach my own classes.

I find great satisfaction in teaching and motivating my students to achieve their goals, whether it be their next belt or to learn how to stand up against their bullies. I’ve been able to develop close relationships with both my students and teammates, and as such I’m often confided in and trusted to help resolve personal issues and conflicts. I aim to inspire my students to work hard and always try their best.

Practising this martial art has helped me to understand many important values. It has taught me to always strive for and represent that which is right. I aim to protect both myself and others around me. I think that one should be humble and not elevate themself above others, regardless of their place in hierarchy. Criticism, although at times hurtful, should be received graciously and evaluated for useful learning points before being rejected out of hand.

Thus, Taekwon-do has taught me many useful life lessons that are applicable to both my daily and professional life. For more information about my professional life, please don’t hesitate to have a look at the other pages on my website.